Madison Moellers was born 3/3/3 in Estes Park, Colorado. She travels back and forth to Hollywood where she is an actress with a great passion for her entire industry.

The concept for her blog was conceived when Madison had to choose a subject for her school reports. Madison wanted to know and understand powerful women in her industry. While writing her first report, she realized she wanted to meet these women. She had more questions for them beyond what she had learned through her research. Thus, IWOH was born.

Madison researches thoroughly each of her subjects, writes her report, sends it forward for their review, which is then followed by her compiling a series of questions for the interview.

Madison sends a special thanks to Doron Kipper for his creative input, support and direction at the beginning of Influential Women of Hollywood. Doron is an up and coming young director in Hollywood who directed Madison in his award winning short film, Misdirection.

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